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Background Information
Name: Bas Thielsch
Country of Birth: Netherlands Netherlands
Birthday: September 30, 1988 (1988-09-30) (age 29)
Region: News Label - Europe.png Europe
Team: SK Gaming
Role: Coach
Previous Roles: Lane, Roam
Alternate IDs: Bayu
Social Media and Links
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Team History
??? - Nov 2015UKNlogo std.png UNKNOWN
Nov 2015 - PresentSKlogo std.png SK Gaming
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Bas "Bayu" Thielsch is a coach for SK Gaming.


Bayu began his competitive career with UNKNOWN in 2015. Together with his teammates ADZero and Tercus he attended the VIPL Season 1 to represent Europe. In November 2015 Bayu's team got picked up by SK Gaming. Several months later the team travelled to South Korea again for the VIPL Season 2, this time under the name of SK Gaming.

In the Spring Season 2016, Bayu attended the Spring Live Championship as a substitute player with his new teammates MEDIC, Raph and Cream. Coming in as the 4th seed, SK Gaming finished the live event as the 5-6th place.

In the Summer Season 2016, SK Gaming finished 4th and 8th during the Evil Eight, thus receiving the 6th seed at the Live Championship. The team - with the lineup of Bayu, Raph and Cream - finished the event as the 7-8th place.

Currently Bayu is the Coach for SK Gaming and a partnered streamer on Twitch.


  • Attended all European Live Finals.
  • Bayu is Indonesian and means the Wind.
  • When Bayu was 7 years old he went to Indonesia with his family where his sister saw a sign on the streets, saying Bayu. Since then everyone started calling him by the name Bayu.
  • Bayu has had past achievements in Waterpolo.
    • Won the National Cup two times.
    • Got second place at the National Cup two times.
    • Was in the best of 4 at the National Cup three times.
    • Won the Under 18 European Cup one time.
    • Got second place at the Under 18 European Cup two times.


Date Place Event Team Roster
2016-10-09 A77th EU Evil Eight - Autumn 2016 Split 1 SKlogo std.png SK Cr3am • jetpacks • Bayu • Raph • Aidslip
2016-10-02 A55 - 8th Fantasia IV Logo std2.png Kappachino Bayu • BouncyBouncyBoom • IsIEasy
2016-09-11 A77 - 8th EU Summer 2016 Championship SKlogo std.png SK Bayu • Raph • Cream
2016-08-07 A88th EU Evil Eight - Summer 2016 Split 2 SKlogo std.png SK MEDIC • IloH4uK • Raph • Cr3am • Bayu
2016-07-17 A44th EU Evil Eight - Summer 2016 Split 1 SKlogo std.png SK MEDIC • Raph • Cream • Bayu • IloH4uK
2016-01-10 A77 - 12th VIPL Season 2 SKlogo std.png SK MEDIC • Bayu • ADZero
2015-09-20 A77 - 12th VIPL Season 1 UKNlogo std.png UKN ADZero • Tercus • Bayu


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