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Player has retired.
Background Information
Country of Birth: United States USA
Region: News Label - North America.png North America
Role: Jungle
Previous Role: Roam
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Team History
Oct 2015 - Dec 2015Liblogo std.png Liberation X
Jan 2016 - Feb 2016Phoenixlogo std.png Phoenix Reborn
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"DawnEclypse" was previously the jungler for Phoenix Reborn.


DawnEclypse began his competitive Vainglory career in the Autumn season playing with LiberationX. The team was upset in the round of 32 in the first Autumn Qualifier by Vertigo Black, putting them in danger of not qualifying for the Autumn Live Championships. The team rebounded in the second qualifier, finishing top 4 and narrowly qualified for the Autumn Championship. At the Autumn Championships, Dawn played in the first two days of the event, helping LibX to qualify for the finals of the Autumn Championship. In the finals match against Nemesis Hydra, Liberation fell down 0-2 in the best of 5 series. In the third match, DawnEclypse was replaced with martohhh, and LiberationX completed a reverse sweep to win the Autumn Live Championships.

DawnEclypse retired after the Autumn season.



Date Place Event Team Roster
2015-12-06 A11st NA Autumn 2015 Championship Liblogo std.png Lib X martohhh • Statusbaked • Ttigers • exhail • DawnEclypse


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