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March 15th
News Label - Japan.png SCARZlogo std.png SCARZ ILLlogo std.png ILLMATIC roster acquired. Senpan, tototMix and Reglus join.
March 13th
News Label - Europe.png CYClogo std.png CYC odds joins as the coach.
March 12th
News Label - North America.png Roguelogo std.png Rogue odds leaves coaching position.
March 9th
News Label - Korea.png INVlogo std.png INV Roster leaves Phoenixlogo std.png Phoenix Armada and reforms. druid, Mango and Willy join.
March 2th
News Label - Southeast Asia.png IMPlogo std.png IMP INFlogo std.png Infamous Legion roster acquired. spaghetti, Quatervois, deftQ and INKED join.
February 21st
News Label - North America.png MSFlogo std.png MSF Fatelogo std.png Team Fate roster acquired. Eeko, IllesT and Exhail join.
February 9th
News Label - North America.png NRGlogo std.png NRG Team forms. Hardek, Gaspy, and Chombo305 join.
News Label - North America.png C9logo std.png C9 Hardek leaves.
News Label - North America.png Nem Tlogo std.png Nem T Gaspy leaves.
News Label - Europe.png Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic Team forms. TetnoJJ, Palmatoro, and nettetoilette join.
February 8th
News Label - North America.png Noblelogo std.png Noble Darrilk rejoins. Yazaru3 and Chrissy join.
February 7th
News Label - North America.png IMTlogo std.png IMT Hammerslogo std.png Hammers Velocity roster acquired. Vains, Aloh4 and DNZio join. SuiJeneris joins as coach.
February 6th
News Label - North America.png Roguelogo std.png Rogue Logo std2.png Team ANRCHY roster acquired. xHami, WizardSibs, Evol and GrassKun join. adreN joins as coach and manager, and odds joins as analyst.
February 3th
News Label - Europe.png SKlogo std.png SK KValafar and Tyruzz join.
February 2th
News Label - North America.png EFXlogo std.png EFX Team is formed. MICSHE, LoneDelphi and CullTheMeek join. FooJee joins as coach.
News Label - North America.png KINlogo std.png KIN MICSHE and CullTheMeek leave.
News Label - North America.png AAlogo std.png AAU LoneDelphi leaves.