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EU Evil Eight - Summer 2016 Challenge Battles 1
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League Information
Organizer: Vainglory League
Date: 2016-07-21
Links: Website
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The Challange Battles 1 are a tournament that grants 3 spots in the Evil Eight Split 2, organised by Vainglory League.



Qualifying Teams

The following teams have qualified for the Evil Eight Split 2:

Place Team
Q SNOWlogo std.png SNOW Avalanche
Sylogo std.png Supremacy
G2logo std.png G2 Esports


From Evil Eight Summer Split 1

Eye - Show All.pngRosters

G2 Esports
France REDemption
Germany DarkPotato
Germany D1ngo
Lemon & Lime
Europe Apfel123
Europe iMastaa
Europe OnMyLevel

From Challenger Leagues Summer Split 1

SNOW Avalanche
Europe WalDeMar
Europe Kentysik
Europe Bashn
Team Supremacy
Europe Mercilles
Europe Saif
Europe SBArON
Team QR
Europe TrOY
Europe Nissim
Europe MrTeriyaki


  Match 1
   SNOWlogo std.png SNOW Av 3
   LemXlogo std.png LemX 1
  Match 2
   Sylogo std.png Sy 3
   4Jlogo std.png 4J 0
  Match 3
   Logo std2.png Team QR 2
   G2logo std.png G2 3

Schedule & VODs

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EU Challenge Battles 1
Round Match Result Date YOU PDT CEST KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Discussion
SNOW Av SNOWlogo std.png
vs. LemXlogo std.png LemX
[Show] 2016,7,21,17,00 2016,7,21,17,00 10:00 19:00 02:00 -- -
SMCY Logo std2.png
vs. 4Jlogo std.png 4J
[Show] 2016,7,21,18,00 2016,7,21,18,00 11:00 20:00 03:00 -- -
Team QR Logo std2.png
vs. G2logo std.png G2
[Show] 2016,7,21,19,00 2016,7,21,19,00 12:00 21:00 04:00 -- -

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