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Hammers Kinetic
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Team Information
Location: United States USA
Coaches: Jeff "SuiJeneris" Chau
Managers: R4GE
Team Captain: Jeff "SuiJeneris" Chau
Sponsor(s): Twitch
Turbo Studios
Organization: Hammers eSports
Sister Team (Current): Hammers Velocity
Sister Team (Former): Hammers Force
Created: 2015-11
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Hammers Kinetic is a North American team.



Hammers Kinetic was officially formed with members Huskies, along with FearPoseidon and Baunfire.


In what became known within the community as a "cinderella story," the team upset match-up favorites, Liberation Y, in the round of 32. Kinetic also took down VON Menace in the quarterfinals of VGL Qualifier 1, and eventually finished fourth overall. In Winter VGL Qualifier 2, Hammers Kinetic made it to the round of 8, where they lost to first-seeded Gankstars Sirius, but still qualified for the Winter Live Championships. The team finished 5th overall at the Winter Live Championships.

In the Spring season, SuiJeneris remained on Kinetic and played with two new members, Ttigers and gabevizzle. In their first official qualifier playing together, the team won VGL Spring 2016 Qualifier. The team beat their sister team, Hammers Velocity, in the semi-finals and GankStars Sirius in the grand final. Kinetic made it to the top 8 in VGL Spring 2016 Qualifier 2, but lost 0-2 to Noble eSports. Kinetic again qualified for the Spring Live Championships by finishing 1st in the first qualifier, and went on to finish top 4 at the Spring Championships.

SuiJeneris competed with Kinetic again in the Summer Season in both Evil Eight splits with new teammates PONtheoriginal and Micshe. They finished 5th in the first split, narrowly escaping relegation to Challenge Battles, as they built synergy with their new roster. However, they rebounded in second split, finishing 3rd overall. With their performance in second split, Kinetic qualified for their third straight Live Championship.


  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster



C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
USA MICSHE Mico Dedictoria 11 Lane KINlogo std.png Kinetik 2016-06-xx 2016-10-23
USA CullTheMeek Nick Verolla 02 Jungle KINlogo std.png Kinetik 2016-09-21 2016-10-23
USA SuiJeneris Jeff Chau 11 Roam KINlogo std.png Kinetik 2016-02-xx 2016-10-23
USA PONtheoriginal 02 Jungle Hammerslogo std.png Hammers Velocity xxxx-xx-xx 2016-09-21
USA ttigers Curran Han 11 Sub/Lane Hammerslogo std.png Hammers Velocity xxxx-xx-xx 2016-09-21
USA martohhh Martik Atoyan 07 Sub/Jungle Apexlogo std.png Team Apex xxxx-xx-xx xxxx-xx-xx
USA chiicken Paul Johnry 11 Sub/Lane Phoenixlogo std.png Team Phoenix xxxx-xx-xx xxxx-xx-xx
USA gabevizzle Gabe Villarin 11 Sub/Roam Hammerslogo std.png Hammers Velocity xxxx-xx-xx 2016-06-xx
USA Huskies Jason Biundo 11 Roam Phoenixlogo std.png Team Phoenix xxxx-xx-xx xxxx-xx-xx
USA FearPoseidon Seth Rios 11 Lane
xxxx-xx-xx xxxx-xx-xx
USA Baunfire Eric Hu 02 Jungle
xxxx-xx-xx xxxx-xx-xx
Philippines Inane Michael Shelden 11 Lane Phoenixlogo std.png Phoenix Rising xxxx-xx-xx xxxx-xx-xx


C ID Name Position
USA SuiJeneris Jeff Chau 11 Head Coach
USA R4GE Manager

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2016-10-09 A44th NA Evil Eight - Autumn 2016 Split 1 MICSHE • CullTheMeek • SuiJeneris $ 1,400
2016-09-04 A55 - 6th NA Summer 2016 Championship MICSHE • PONtheoriginal • SuiJeneris $ 1,000
2016-08-07 A33rd NA Evil Eight - Summer 2016 Split 2 MICSHE • PONtheoriginal • SuiJeneris • Ttigers $ 1,000
2016-07-17 A55th NA Evil Eight - Summer 2016 Split 1 MICSHE • PONtheoriginal • SuiJeneris • chiicken $ 600
2016-06-05 A33 - 4th NA Spring 2016 Championship FearPoseidon • ttigers • SuiJeneris • gabevizzle $ 2,500
2016-05-17 A11st NA VGL Spring 2016 Qualifier 1 SuiJeneris • gabevizzle • Ttigers $ 2,500
2016-05-08 A55th NA VGL Spring 2016 Qualifier 2 SuiJeneris • gabevizzle • Ttigers $ 175
2016-03-13 A55 - 6th NA Winter 2016 Championship SuiJeneris • Chrisssy • FearPoseidon • Huskiesrock321 $ 1,000
2016-02-28 A55th NA VGL Winter 2016 Qualifier 2 Huskiesrock321 • Baunfire • FearPoseidon • SuiJeneris • Chrissy $ 175
2016-01-31 A44th NA VGL Winter 2016 Qualifier 1 Huskiesrock321 • Baunfire • FearPoseidon $ 300
Total earnings:
    • USD 10,650

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