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Background Information
Name: Jason Biundo
Country of Birth: United States USA
Birthday: March 21, 1999 (1999-03-21) (age 18)
Region: News Label - North America.png North America
Team: Team Phoenix
Role: Analyst
Previous Roles: Roam, Analyst
Alternate IDs: Huskies, Huskiesrock321, Huskiesrock321EU (EU)
Nicknames: Jason, Huskies
Social Media and Links
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Team History
Nov 2015 - Jun 2016Hammerslogo std.png Hammers Kinetic
Jun 2016 - PresentPhoenixlogo std.png Team Phoenix
Jun 2016 - PresentPhoenixlogo std.png Phoenix Reborn
Jun 2016 - PresentPhoenixlogo std.png Phoenix Reign
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Jason "Huskies" Biundo is an analyst for Team Phoenix.


Jason "Huskies" Biundo started playing Vainglory during May of 2016, shortly after the release of Celeste.


Huskies began his competitive career in November 2015, when he formed Hammers Kinetic along with FearPoseidon, and Baunfire.


In what became known in the community as a "cinderella story," the team upset matchup favorites, Liberation Y in the round of 32, as well as taking down VON Menace in the quarterfinals, eventually finishing fourth overall. In Winter VGL Qualifier 2, Hammers Kinetic made it to the round of 8 where they lost to first seeded Gankstars Sirius, but still qualified for the Winter Live Championships where huskies took on a substitute and coaching role. The team finished 5th overall at the Winter Live Championships.

In the Spring season, Huskies remained on Hammers Kinetic as a substitute and analyst, helping them to make the Spring Live Championship and finish in the top 4.

In the Summer Season, Huskies left Hammers Kinetic to pursue an analyst role with Team Phoenix. With his help, both Phoenix Reign and Phoenix Reborn qualified for the Summer Live Championships for the second season in a row.


  • Does not actually own a Husky
  • Name came from a desire to go to UCONN for college as a child
  • Wears glasses
  • Is exceptionally capable in all roles, but plays Roam in competitive.


Date Place Event Team Roster
2016-03-13 A55 - 6th NA Winter 2016 Championship Hammerslogo std.png HKin SuiJeneris • Chrisssy • FearPoseidon • Huskiesrock321
2016-02-28 A55th NA VGL Winter 2016 Qualifier 2 Hammerslogo std.png HKin Huskiesrock321 • Baunfire • FearPoseidon • SuiJeneris • Chrissy
2016-01-31 A44th NA VGL Winter 2016 Qualifier 1 Hammerslogo std.png HKin Huskiesrock321 • Baunfire • FearPoseidon


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